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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wishing Susan A Fabulous Transition

         This is Lipstick, the baby sea turtle I helped release

I just returned home from a fabulous little getaway courtesy of my wonderful guy. While there we got a glimpse of Susan Boyle's unbelievable performance on Britain's Got Talent. If you have not seen the YouTube spot....please stop reading my blog and check it out. 
I was completely blown away by her extraordinary and pure talent. As one of the judges said, it was an honor to get the opportunity to listen to her sing. 
Anyway, I believe what touched me more, as well as everyone else that watched, is her story. I love a great story just like anyone else does, especially a feel good story. As some of you may know, when Susan was born there were complications and she was without oxygen for some time which lead to minor brain damage. I think she had a rough time in school as people picked on her because of her disability and perhaps her appearance. But she had a wonderful family who embraced her and nurtured her talent. She sang in church and in school plays never believing that it would ever lead to a career. She did it because she loved it. When her mother was 91 years old, she and Susan would watch Britain's Got Talent. While watching, Susan's mother would tell Susan that she could win with her singing. And after her mother passed away, Susan took a leap of faith and entered the contest. 
When she took the stage people started to laugh. There in front of thousands of people was Susan, a 47 year old woman who had never been kissed and lived in a tiny town in the middle of England's north country. She was a bit awkward but honestly, who wouldn't be? But as the smirks and laughs slowly faded Susan began to sing. And suddenly the crowd went crazy. 
Her performance has made her the it girl, why, because she stood up and did what she loved. Not for fame, not for popularity and certainly not to prove a point (maybe for the $100,000 prize though...can you blame her?) but she got the last laugh. 
So our Susan has been launched into a new world, quite unfamiliar to her. Sounds familiar doesn't it? How you ask? Well, like Susan, I as well as many others have found myself starting a new business and entering a new world. Like the baby sea turtles entering the ocean from my past entry. Which by the way I got to release  Lipstick and Horris into the ocean last week (two baby sea turtles, names came from my guy). 
So let's applaud and wish our Susan all the luck in her journey into an exciting new world. May she continue to do what she loves and every moment. And as for all of you who are venturing into the unknown,  whether it be starting a business, starting a new job or adjusting to new circumstances....just do whatever makes you the happiest. Because Susan Boyle did just that and it has opened up her life to so many wonderful opportunities. 

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