Heavenly Yet Beautiful Cupcakes

Starting my own cupcake company was a thrill and I learn so much. But I yearned for the calm of taking my time to create perfect little decorations and unique flavor combinations. After selling my business, I decided to focus on teaching my craft. I hope this site will inspire you to create and indulge in one of the best and most satisfying desserts...the cupcake.

Friday, May 22, 2009


Every time I feel like maybe my mission to open a bakeshop is a silly one and go into one of my "what am I thinking" moments, I receive a wonderful note from a past client. It seems that the universe has a way of reminding me that what I do is what I should be doing. If clients love my products (cupcakes or gumpaste decorations) and are willing to take the time to write such touching letters to me, then I am on the right track. I thought I would start sharing these as they are just wonderful pieces of encouragement everyone should read. I am confident that if you love to bake and create quality cakes or cupcakes or decorations (or anything for that matter), responses like this one just wants you to do it forever. Now mind you, I didn't make the cupcakes for this one. I made the decorations to top her dream cake and cupcakes. 

Hi Paola!

I had the best intentions to send you a note much earlier; however, please know that this email is still every bit as sincere!  Our homemade gum paste snowflakes specially shipped all the way to West Virginia for our snowy destination wedding in February were a huge hit!  Suzanne, who baked our French vanilla wedding cake and coconut cupcakes, did an amazing job of creating my vision which was inspired by your webpage featuring your “snowy” cupcakes.  I never got to meet Suzanne either; we only communicated by phone long distance.  It was a delicious and beautiful cake meticulously decorated with your extraordinary handcrafted snowflakes which made for a very unique wintery confection.  The luminous silver cupcake wrappers along with the silver balls (ordered from you) completed the display!

Thank you so very much for your kindness, enthusiasm, and talent!  Everyone was so impressed that you had willingly shipped the delicate snowflakes to West Virginia.  The cake and the cupcakes with the addition of the snowflakes was the most perfect cake ever and totally exceeded my expectations.  

I am very grateful for your help and wish you much success with your business.  Please know that I am spreading the word!  

Ford Cupcake

I was contacted by representatives of Ford to drive one of they new Hybrids. I jumped at the chance! How cool is that? I get to drive a brand new car for the weekend. Woohoo! And what a perfect weekend for this awesome treat as I have cupcake orders to deliver. 
They delivered the car this morning and I felt like it was Christmas in May. I woke up and got on a conference call at 10am. I sat in bed in my jammies yawning through the whole thing. I then strolled out of bed and went down stairs to pour myself a bowl of Weetabix cereal. As I walked across my kitchen wiping the sleep from my eyes, I caught a glimpse of something unusual in my driveway. I opened the door and almost dropped my breakfast. There she was, a beautiful cream colored car. She looks a bit like my vanilla buttercream. The only thing that would of made the moment even better was if they had put a red ribbon on the car with a card saying Merry Christmas in May Paola. I opened the door to my new set of wheels for the weekend and was in awe on how stunning the interior was. It's really chic. Ivory seats accentuated with black. So I am nicknaming the car Cupcake, because when you sit in it, you just feel delicious.
I am taking Cupcake on some cupcake adventures and will let you all know how she does. I'm very excited about how much room this car has. I can put all my deliveries in and not have to make multiple trips. Yippee!
The car, by the way, is the Hybrid Mariner. So gas mileage is going to be a real plus!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Yet Another Baby Step

I survived my investor reception. I was a nervous mess waking up on Sunday and spent my whole day swirling like a tornado trying to get everything ready. I must of rehearsed my little speech a million times every time screwing it up and starting over and over. It was bloody frustrating. However I reread all the wonderful and supportive emails all of you sent (and I will be getting that book Carmen!) and felt a little voice inside me whispering "Yes you can". And so the event started, my cupcakes looked good, the pictures I brought of some of my past orders looked amazing and my Business Plans were ready for the taking. Guests rolled in slowly which was a blessing. As each person walked in I got the opportunity to chat with them and rehearsing portions of my speech. Then my wonderful friend Tony called everyone's attention and off I went. He made it so easy for me. I didn't just stand there and vomit my speech out, but rather he had me introduce myself and talk about my company and my products. I love to talk about what I love to do, so my speech went out the window and instead, I told my story. Tony then chimed in with the financial information and asked me questions which were easy for me to answer.  They weren't rehearsed, just simple honest answers to questions I have been answering since I started my company. The evening went on and people took my Business Plans, congratulated me on a great presentation and took a couple of delicious cupcakes to go.
I just loved the people that came, all of which I would be honored to have as investors. So cross your fingers for me as this was one of many little events. But hopefully my raise will happen sooner then later. I just can't wait to open my shop...my Blushing Bakeshop.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Nervous Cupcake

Yup, I'm a royal mess today. I feel a bit sick, my stomach keeps cramping up and I'm never hungry. I can't keep still but I have yet to nosh on my nails. Why am I so nervous you ask? Well, next week is my investor reception. D-Day. This is the day were I will stand in front of a small group of individuals to tell them why they should open their check books and invest in my little company. This day is the day I have been anticipating for so long. In a tiny restaurant so kindly given to me to use for 4 hours I will showcase my delicious cupcakes (at least I know that my product really is amazing, so hopefully one bite and the check books will open up). But I realize that investors look at the financial side of things. Thank God my father helped me with that. He used to prepare business plans for billion dollar companies, so I know my plan is solid. But yet, I have a feeling that these potential investors may laugh at me. I mean, cupcakes? I'm sure there are high tech companies our there with products that can blow people's minds. And here I am with cupcakes. Although, if people knew just how lucrative this little cake can be. I just recently found out that the two cupcake shops in my area that have been up and running for 1-2 years are thriving. Everyone thought that the cupcake trend was just that...a trend. No sir! They still average 1,000-1,500 cupcakes a day. Pull your calculators out...that's about $72,000 a month (at $3.00 a cupcake)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So for all of you that want to get into the cupcake business... the trend is here to stay. Look at L.A. and NY, cupcakes still dominate. So why am I so nervous? I have the product and I have financial proof that this business of mine is a sure hit. Well, I guess I'm a nervous mess because so much is riding on this one day. I want this so bad it's making me nauseous, jittery and I haven't been able to think about anything else.
I will keep you all posted. If you pray, if you could squeeze in a little prayer while at church on Sunday, it would be very much appreciated.
Have a wonderful weekend!