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Starting my own cupcake company was a thrill and I learn so much. But I yearned for the calm of taking my time to create perfect little decorations and unique flavor combinations. After selling my business, I decided to focus on teaching my craft. I hope this site will inspire you to create and indulge in one of the best and most satisfying desserts...the cupcake.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Ford Cupcake

I was contacted by representatives of Ford to drive one of they new Hybrids. I jumped at the chance! How cool is that? I get to drive a brand new car for the weekend. Woohoo! And what a perfect weekend for this awesome treat as I have cupcake orders to deliver. 
They delivered the car this morning and I felt like it was Christmas in May. I woke up and got on a conference call at 10am. I sat in bed in my jammies yawning through the whole thing. I then strolled out of bed and went down stairs to pour myself a bowl of Weetabix cereal. As I walked across my kitchen wiping the sleep from my eyes, I caught a glimpse of something unusual in my driveway. I opened the door and almost dropped my breakfast. There she was, a beautiful cream colored car. She looks a bit like my vanilla buttercream. The only thing that would of made the moment even better was if they had put a red ribbon on the car with a card saying Merry Christmas in May Paola. I opened the door to my new set of wheels for the weekend and was in awe on how stunning the interior was. It's really chic. Ivory seats accentuated with black. So I am nicknaming the car Cupcake, because when you sit in it, you just feel delicious.
I am taking Cupcake on some cupcake adventures and will let you all know how she does. I'm very excited about how much room this car has. I can put all my deliveries in and not have to make multiple trips. Yippee!
The car, by the way, is the Hybrid Mariner. So gas mileage is going to be a real plus!!!

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BAKING is my ZeN said...

What a visual...almost dropping your breakfast! I can just imagine your thrill when you saw the Ford car. Lucky lady, that you are!!!