Heavenly Yet Beautiful Cupcakes

Starting my own cupcake company was a thrill and I learn so much. But I yearned for the calm of taking my time to create perfect little decorations and unique flavor combinations. After selling my business, I decided to focus on teaching my craft. I hope this site will inspire you to create and indulge in one of the best and most satisfying desserts...the cupcake.

Friday, May 22, 2009


Every time I feel like maybe my mission to open a bakeshop is a silly one and go into one of my "what am I thinking" moments, I receive a wonderful note from a past client. It seems that the universe has a way of reminding me that what I do is what I should be doing. If clients love my products (cupcakes or gumpaste decorations) and are willing to take the time to write such touching letters to me, then I am on the right track. I thought I would start sharing these as they are just wonderful pieces of encouragement everyone should read. I am confident that if you love to bake and create quality cakes or cupcakes or decorations (or anything for that matter), responses like this one just wants you to do it forever. Now mind you, I didn't make the cupcakes for this one. I made the decorations to top her dream cake and cupcakes. 

Hi Paola!

I had the best intentions to send you a note much earlier; however, please know that this email is still every bit as sincere!  Our homemade gum paste snowflakes specially shipped all the way to West Virginia for our snowy destination wedding in February were a huge hit!  Suzanne, who baked our French vanilla wedding cake and coconut cupcakes, did an amazing job of creating my vision which was inspired by your webpage featuring your “snowy” cupcakes.  I never got to meet Suzanne either; we only communicated by phone long distance.  It was a delicious and beautiful cake meticulously decorated with your extraordinary handcrafted snowflakes which made for a very unique wintery confection.  The luminous silver cupcake wrappers along with the silver balls (ordered from you) completed the display!

Thank you so very much for your kindness, enthusiasm, and talent!  Everyone was so impressed that you had willingly shipped the delicate snowflakes to West Virginia.  The cake and the cupcakes with the addition of the snowflakes was the most perfect cake ever and totally exceeded my expectations.  

I am very grateful for your help and wish you much success with your business.  Please know that I am spreading the word!  


BAKING is my ZeN said...

Did we expect less? I don't think so. Wonderful that your work is appreciated and enjoyed!

veggievixen said...

isn't that great?? just confirms that you ROCK and you should do what you love. doesn't hurt that you're good at it, right?

SweetThings said...

That must feel so good and really reinforce your direction. Awesome!

Nassir said...

hi Paola!!! its Nassir from Bally's!! although i am no longer there!! imagine my surprise when i read an article with my mom in it and you were in there too!!! congrats on your new business and i hope it all goes well!!!

Paola said...

Nassir! I need your help...big time! email me your contact info PLEASE! bake@theblushingbakeshop.com