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Starting my own cupcake company was a thrill and I learn so much. But I yearned for the calm of taking my time to create perfect little decorations and unique flavor combinations. After selling my business, I decided to focus on teaching my craft. I hope this site will inspire you to create and indulge in one of the best and most satisfying desserts...the cupcake.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Final Score: 8

Oh, today is a good day. However, it's been a tough week leading up to it. The Washington Post has been reviewing cupcakes around the area for the last 4 weeks. Initially I was disappointed they were not including me because I didn't have a store. Then I read their first and second reviewing. Boy was grateful they were not including me. The cupcakeries they reviewed got slaughtered. Honestly, if those things were written about my cupcakes...I would close up shop. And then came last week. One of my clients called me and expressed disgust that I was not included. Before I could tell her that I was ay-okay with the absence of Couture Cupcakes in the Washington Post's Cupcake Wars, she blurted out that she called the editor to complain. I froze. She went on to say that she gave him a piece of her mind and found out that there have been several people calling demanding they include me. I prayed that the editor didn't succumb to the pressure of my clients' demands. The next day I received an email from the editor asking me to answer some questions as they were including me in the Cupcake Wars reviews and I would be included in the next one. I almost passed out in fear. So I braced my self for the worst.

The days leading up to today were rough. I don't take criticism well when it comes to my cupcakes as I slave over them to make them perfect. I woke up really early this morning and twisted over to grab my laptop before I could clear the sleep from my eyes. I scrolled down to the scoring part and there it was....an 8 out of 10! I jumped out of bed and screamed. I was so excited and relieved. I then read the article 3 times. I was thrilled with what they had to say good and bad. So now comes the finally. The top scoring cupcakes will go through another round of tastings to see who makes the best cupcakes. Even if they don't choose mine, I am thankful that my little delights scored well with not only my loyal clients but a food critic.

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