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Starting my own cupcake company was a thrill and I learn so much. But I yearned for the calm of taking my time to create perfect little decorations and unique flavor combinations. After selling my business, I decided to focus on teaching my craft. I hope this site will inspire you to create and indulge in one of the best and most satisfying desserts...the cupcake.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Journey To Becoming A Gumpaste Flower Goddess

Well, I went to my first class on Monday to learn the art of gumpaste flowers. It was over 2 hours of rolling, pinching, gluing and painting. I loved every second of it. My mother came with me so she too could learn and she loved it as much as I did. At one point during the class we looked at each other while rolling out some gumpaste and giggled. We felt like we were in kindergarten again playing with play dough. Here is a shot of my first rose. I must say I'm quite proud of my little rose. I walked out of the class feeling like a proud peacock carrying my flower a parading it to anyone that would notice.

And here is my Mother's first rose. She was equally as proud. When she got home she ran to my father to show him what she had made. It was very endearing to watch. She was a kid again.


Debbie said...

Hello Cupcake Goddess - can you please share where you took the gumpaste class? Thanks!

The Cupcake Goddess said...

Sure Debbie! I'm taking the class at Fran's. It's a baker's shop in Fairfax, VA. The teacher is Keith. Can't remember his last name, but he's wonderful. We made Dogwood, Calla Lilies and Daisies this evening. I highly recommend it!
Hope that helps.